Friday, June 20, 2008

So, I like it, what do you think?

I finally remembered to get the paint mixed and purchased. Most everyone was down with the door color being red. In fact I had only one suggestion other than red. I think I had my mind made up for A red, it was just determining which red; I took a poll and this one won. Leigh is even impressed. He has such a hard time picturing color in his mind, before we put it on anything; later he'll admit it works and he likes it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camping near Green's Peak

We spent last week in the great out of doors. First two days we battled the wind and I mean it was CRAZY blowing. We took the dogs with us and they frolicked every day. We came across a herd of about 30 ELK beautiful. Our Grandkids joined us for a couple of nights and we went geo-caching. You can see them with the ammo box "treasure". Then, of course, the most fun camping activity. . . .sitting around the fire. The wind finally calmed down and Leigh gathered rocks, dug this pit out and here you see him enjoying it.

We most likely will go out again next year about Father's Day weekend. Not likely before. It is too much work gathering and setting up and then coming home again. I give Leigh most of the credit for the back-breaking work. He is awesome.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Miss Joslin

Back in March, while visiting BYU over Spring Break, we threw caution to the wind and took a few photos. Here is Joslin, next to an interesting rock on the south side of the Museum of Fine Art. We took a few pictures at this location, then someone pointed out to us a "Do Not Enter" sign posted in front of the display. What can I say? We approached from the back and trust me, we saw no such request from that direction.

Isn't she beautiful?

Summer may be here!!

I have placed a photo of our back flower/vegetable garden. . . As proof that the weather is finally warming up. We are enjoying summer and once again find ourselves in the position of having to keep a request for moisture close to our hearts and lips. We are saddened by the reports of devastation that the spring storms are wreaking across the nation. We pray for those affected to find comfort and peace and love during these difficult moments.

Now, on to more trivial mundane concerns.

I have been annoyed with my hair getting just a little too long so I took the scissors to the front a couple of weeks ago, however, the back was still too long and mangy looking (I presume, although I really don't ever see it very well). I decided that someone in my family ought to be brave enough to give the back a cut and I was right!! Surrounded by family and my eleven year old grand daughter was the bravest. (Perhaps even a little braver than I). She was very confident giving the cut. She was snipping and snipping all the while humming softly. I think she just may have the knack.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I mean, REALLY!!

Talk about a blast. We have had a houseful of company and it all began last Thursday night. The only children of ours we haven't seen in the past week are Kimberly and Austin. We had 29 of our family members here plus 10 of the Scussels and 4 of the Pinkoms (Friends of Troy and Heidi's) and Heidi's sister Lisa's family of 4.

It has been a busy and exciting time. Part of the excitement came when I opened the fridge we have in the garage to retrieve the two beautiful fresh strawberry pies I had made. At first I thought that someone had wanted a piece ahead of schedule. Which, to be honest, I couldn't blame them because they were gorgeous and would have tempted anyone. Then I looked a little closer and realized that most of the first pie had been eaten. . . .then I thought, hmmm, "I think they must have eaten all of the fancy scalloped crust". Looking back on this little conversation I was having with myself, I'm pretty sure I was in denial. Upon further scrutiny there was NO crust anywhere in either pie tin but there were black dog hairs among the strawberrys. I was amazed that 1) the dog could get into the fridge 2) he could totally slick up all the crust and leave a good portion of the strawberrys unscathed, except probably for a good coating in dog slobber, which sort of resembled the glaze I had put on them. I mean REALLY!

Our dinner on Saturday night included the Scussel Family and we were able to get a photo op, mainly to let Tracy Scussel (Mother and Grandmother to many present) see what a blast she missed out on. Our yard has been blessed with business. Only one hairline fracture, that I know of. We loved it not the fracture, but the yard that holds the kids that play so hard sometimes one of them gets a hairline fracture. We have more to report but I will get to it later. I mean, REALLY, you can only handle so much fun in one post, right?