Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hey Mother Dearest

I was finally able to upload the song Justin did for my party. Go to and search for zialanelady. It is the only video that will come up. Uploading it wasn't necessarily hard. . . .it just took forever. .

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy B-day to ME.

Okay, I realize it wasn't really my actual birthday. . . . so I'm not really 60 . . . yet. However, can I just say we had the best party last Friday night? My long time friend (I've known her since Jr. High!!) Lucy Frost surprised me by coming!! You can sort of tell by my crazy face. All the kids but Troy were able to make it. Kimmy flew in from Indiana unexpectedly (No thanks to Shell Bell). There were special songs and dances and lots of laughing. We found out that 40 is about all the living room will comfortably hold! Thanks again to all who attended. I am STILL smiling!!
I may post a comedy/song that Justin did on facebook. I waited and waited for it to upload here but it would not. If you are related it will be worth all 7 minutes. . . let me know what you think!