Sunday, December 28, 2008


Sam: (While playing with the dogs at our house Friday) You know, gramma, . . . . uhm. . . remember those pajamas you made for us at Christmas?

Me: Yes.

Sam: (Silence) (Silence) Uhm . . . . . I just REALLY like toys.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Our dreams came true! A WHITE Christmas!

Our niece, Sarah, visited us from Provo over the weekend. Monday night we got a good-sized storm through the area and Sarah's anticipated 6:00 A.M. departure time on Tuesday morning was pushed back until 9:00 A.M. We managed to get her stuck, the Subaru stuck. . . . .the Dodge Ram Dakota stuck. Thanks to Andrew and Tommy helping we also managed to get them all UNstuck. NOTE: She traveled safely to Provo only encountering snow when she reached University Street in Provo!!
We celebrated Eric's 37th birthday on Monday night. The grandchildren helped with the Nativity reenactment. Pretty chaotic with so many little ones but hopefully they will remember the story and remember paying honor to the birth of the Savior as a family.
Some of the children and grandchildren went Christmas Caroling with us following the dinner. It was a blustery snowy walk but we were able to sing for a family whose mother had unexpectedly passed away 1 1/2 weeks ago. What sweet feeling to try to bring a bit of the tender spirit of Christmas to a family who are so obviously grieving over their loss.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nearly Wordless Wednesday, it left me speechless

Sammy: Is this YOU grandma?

Me: Yes.

Sammy: You look really good.

Me: Thank you.

Sammy: I didn't know you could look like that.

Me: It was taken a long time ago.

Sammy: Yeah, before you got old.

Friday, December 5, 2008


It was nearly 30 years ago when I finished my 1st nativity set. . . .This is my 8th. It is always a treat to coat them with the antiquing stain and wipe them down to a more subdued look. I was a little reluctant to decorate early this year but thanks to Leigh dragging all the boxes out last Friday, we got it done. I am not sure why I seem to fight these things but the help I am given by Leigh is immeasurable. Now, as I walk through the house and see all the festive spots of color and sparkle, I love it!!
Our Thanksgiving was very nice. A little chaotic, but wonderful, none the less. I mention chaos because, in addition to having 13 adults and 12 children, we had 3 labs and 2 shitzus. . . .(in and out of the house pretty regularly) we also had a cold wet snow/rain storm (enough for a snowman) that helped oodles in keeping the childrens' clothes and our floor . . . . . .interesting.
Leigh accepted the assignment of frying the turkey. It was really delicious but the house just missed that special aroma of turkey with dressing slowly baking throughout the day and my gravy; I wasn't thrilled with how it turned out. We had Caroline's traditional jello, which we all love, Justin handled the relish tray department, Katie brought the pumpkin roll and Becky the baked cabbage and corn dishes. . . .We were stuffed. . . .even though the turkey was not.
Now we are planning a quick trip to SLC and Provo areas. Our nephew is getting married and we are going to try our hand at attending the MTC Christmas concert. . .no. . . .we have no tickets but "Yes" we are going anyway and trying the whole standby process. I will report later.
We will have a quiet holiday, in contrast to last year when we had the Christmas Eve chimney fire episode. . .I am rather thinking quiet will be great. When we brought the decorations out this year there was still a lot of smokey smell in them. When I first noticed it I sort of freaked out. . . . .as we had started a fire earlier in the day. . . . and I was certain the smokey smell was emanating from the chimney again. . . . .I was very glad to be wrong.
We are having an Eric's B-day celebration/Christmas Caroling party on the 22nd; you know, because Eric LOVES that kind of thing. . . Well, maybe not him but I think the children and grandchildren will like it.