Monday, May 4, 2009

Finally Retired

Since moving here Leigh has been collecting change in a five-gallon water bottle with the oft repeated phrase, "When it gets full, THEN I can retire." So, although he hasn't been at the hospital for a few years, he recently achieved "retirement" by the filling of the water bottle with coins. It got to be a little annoying, waiting for it to get full because he would always whine if I ever paid for anything with coins. . . .he would insist that I give them currency and obediently put my change in HIS bottle. Not a great plan because I sort of like my own stash of quarters. . .anyway. . .last month it got full and he began the BIG sort. Sammy was right there helping. I even got into the act by trying to find the 50-Quarter state set thingy. If any of you have quarters from Hawaii OR Alaska. . . .we only found 1 Alaska and 0 from Hawaii!! (We were trying to get 8 sets in all).