Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas Greeting

Merry Christmas 2009
Leigh and Joyce Cox

We have once again been blessed with a wonderful year. Leigh was able to travel across the country with his brother Randy early in the year.
I got to turn 60 this year and what a celebration we had. Lots of “roasting” went on that night and my head ached from smiling so much. I appreciate all who came and made it such a fun night.
In May Leigh and I traveled to Indiana to visit with Kim and Austin. Above you see us at Lake Michigan shore while on an outing one day. It is a huge body of water with Chicago barely visible across the way.
Our entire trip was filled with wonderful people, sights and scenery. We made it to Valpo, Indiana, Nauvoo and then on to Adom ondi Ahman. Our visit with Kim and Austin was wonderful and they showed us many places of interest in their Valparaiso area. They joined us in Nauvoo, as well.

We met Dale and Mary Jo Christensen at a Bed a Breakfast they own at AOA. This is interesting only because Dale’s father taught me Algebra in Jr. High. He graduated a year or two before I did. They are exceptional hosts and just let me give the Marydale Inn a big plug if your travels are taking you to northern Missouri in the future.

Bryce and Anna added to their family in May. . .Avery was born a little early but she is doing great and is such a cute addition to their family. Summer took up to Idaho/Utah for a little family time, including Tommy and Jill’s wedding on July 8th at 10:00 A.M. (7/8/9 at 10).
Tommy has NO excuse for ever forgetting their anniversary J.

For a few years we have thought about having a Cox Cousins’ Camp here in Lakeside. We were able to pull it off this year when for a couple of day all the grand kids were “on-site”, with the exception of the old married grandkid. What a busy time that way. We really appreciate our children who saw that this event happened, no matter how crazy it was.

(all but Andrew, and Tommy)
We wondered outloud to each other whose great idea it was do to this!!!! When they are a little older we think it will be easier.

We had other travel plans but the H1N1 virus cancelled them. . .then Leigh’s back has been needing surgical attention so we postponed traveling until that could be taken care of. In November he went under the knife and had the operation. . .I will let the picture of his X-ray say it all.

He is doing pretty good. . . .is complying with instructions to behave for 3 months.

The year has held some challenges as well.
Caroline’s mother passed away in May after being diagnosed with cancer.
Austin was laid off at USS.
Thomas and Austin both joined the Army National Guard.
Then, Leigh’s back issues.

Quick rundown on the children:
Troy and Heidi and 3 children, still in Orem and doing well.
Eric and Caroline and 4 children live in Pinetop and are busy parents.
Becky has been caring for her 4 children who are still at home and they await Thomas’s return from Boot Camp. She works 2 days/week.
Justin and Stacy live in Queen Creek and are doing so great. Stacy is astoundingly talented artistically and Justin is taking up metal work.
Bryce and Anna and their 2 children live in Mesa. . . .Those little ones keep them going.
Katie and Donovan and their 3 children are still in Glendale area of Phx.
Kimberly is living with us while Austin finishes up his bootcamp experience.

But we are very fortunate to be here in this wonderful country and able to celebrate the birth and life of the Savior Jesus Christ. We declare Him to be our Savior and give thanks for all that enriches our lives, including the difficult times.

We wish you all a happy holiday season.
Remember the reason for the season

With love,

Leigh and Joyce Cox