Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Love My Family!!

What began as week in Mexico turned into a family trip to SLC for the funeral of Leigh's brother Lloyd. It was totally unexpected and caught us all off guard. Bryce had work commitments that he was not able to get out of so he couldn't come, BUT we did leave space for him under the hat in the family picture we took at the cemetery.
We have done quite a bit of reflecting on the importance our immediate family holds in our hearts and also our place in the extended family. We know that our desire to be united eternally is not a guarantee that those ties will be in effect. We each have the responsibility to do what we know to be right to our best ability.
Leigh and I thank our family for their support of us and each other in those events that take place in our lives. We love them, we have been blessed by them, we hope they will be ours forever.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


My comment thingy is back!!!

Happy Mother's Day AND 40th Anniversary!!!

A beautiful Sabbath Day. Temperatures here in the mid to high 70's. That is about perfect, if you ask me. We had a Celebration Brunch with the Montoya Family. I even used real plates!! Anyone who eats here often, knows that typically paper and I are buddies. I decided that 40 years called for a little class so we did it up right, plus our table fit everyone, which usually is NOT the case. I mean, with 32 family members our 8-place table doesn't work too often.
Joslin took a picture of the 40th Anniversary SMACK. We are headed down to Rocky Point next weekend for a weeks' stay down there. We are very much looking forward to the trip.
I often reflect on our 40 years together. I had no idea of what a blessing my children, grandchildren, in-laws and husband would be to me all those years ago. I walked into marriage with a great leap of faith; I did. I felt the Lord would direct me on a daily basis as we navigated our way through the years. I give the Lord credit for those successes I have experienced in my life.
End of sermon!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am not sure how, but there doesn't seem to be a way to leave a comment on my last blog. . .which is funny, as I was hoping for some color direction with our front door. Just email me any thoughts you have.

Tonight at 9:06 (according to Eric) Caroline delivered Jared Cox. We were at the hospital when he was born. Not in the room but in Eric's office (that was an interesting turn of events, Hmmmm). Everything went splendidly and even miraculously, based on some difficult deliveries she has gone through in the past. Baby is 7# 8 Oz. and 20" long. Very healthy. Everyone is doing great.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Survey Time!!

My husband has been so busy, the past two weeks. He has been caulking, scraping and painting the exterior of the house. I got recruited to do some of the trim and Sammy was a great help to me. I want to paint the front door. . (here shown in the primer white it came with a bazillion years ago). Red, seems to pop into my head whenever I consider colors. I WANT YOUR OPINIONS. . . . . Give me some ideas. One or two colors?. . . .I just need some help.
. . . .I've been trying to post a few other pictures from our BBQ we enjoyed last weekend. . . Just know that Thomas made a very handsome chef AND Sariah totally loved the potato salad.