Tuesday, January 29, 2008

And this is ????????

We spent the weekend down on the valley with Justin and Stacy. We had a little pizza party with Thomas and Becky's family. The highlight was seeing the cute puppys of Cocoas; two tiny black things. Saturday was State wrestling tournament for Jr High. Andrew was awesome. He took 4th place.

We learned from Eric that his little boy, Ryan, had experienced a seizure early Sunday morning. They were taking him to the hospital as they called us. By the time we got up on the mountain Ryan was nearly back to normal. All the tests, to date, have been clear. We are so thankful for all those who petitioned the Lord in his behalf.

My picture of the week is a guessing game. This photo was taken in the past 2 months here on our property. Just wondering if anyone out there can figure it out. This whole guessing thing could become an integral part of my blog, since things can be pretty slow around here.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Maybe this will work

I have my photos in picasa. By going to them it gives me the option to "blog this".
"This" happens to be our livingroom after the fire department put out the smouldering material early on the morning of 12/24/07, but before the other smouldering material was found 8 hours later by Thoms and Leigh. The livingroom looked much the same even after the second finding. I actually think the firemen did a good job of keeping the mess under control. I commend them.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Okay, just so you know, Leigh's computer uploaded the picture just fine. Nevermind that his computer has absolutely no pictures relating to our family on it. I think the blue hills are soothing.

I may have posted? Who knows?

I haven't figured out the photo uploading function. . . It can't be that hard cause EVERYONE else does it. . . Hmmmm.

Following our blessed* chimney fire on Christmas Eve things are getting back to normal. We took the opportunity to repaint and put new flooring down. I have even managed to talk Leigh out of the pool table and quite possibly the television bracketed to the wall!!! A livingroom again. What an idea.

*I call it blessed because thank goodness we didn't follow through on an idea we had to scoot up to Provo to see Troy and Heidi that day. We were here to smell it and call it in. They came (firemen) tore down part of the ceiling and pulled out the insulation that was smoking, hauled it out in to the driveway and put it out with water from the truck, then left when it was all done. However, nearly 12 hours later, when Thomas and Leigh returned to wrap up their afternoon's work of rewiring some romex that had burned through, another "hot spot" was detected, still smoldering. Once again the fire department was called. So, I think of that day as messy but blessed. Another reward of that event is that I'm all over getting rid of junk now.
For instance, since we could have lost EVERYTHING, I am able to let go of the church magazines we have been carting around since 1977!!!! Not that they are "junk" but they are so available on line that there is no need to hang on, you know what I mean? I did keep the May and November issues. . . .felt good about that, if we ever lose the power we at least have those to read!!