Thursday, October 2, 2008

A wonderful weekend

Fall Festival weekend happened here in the White Mountains last weekend. That normally means lots of strangers from out of town descending on our little community for a few days of "festivities". We got more out of it this year than we normally do because we planned a "final campout of the year at grandpa's house" event. Not everyone could come but most did.

With all the rain we have had the yard was beautiful. . . green and unfortunately "mosquitoey". We kept the repellant on the picnic table easily within reach so we could find it. Tasty food took on a whole new flavor when seasoned with that repellant residue sneaking into our mouths from our face. Oh, well.

The parade on Saturday morning was great with the theme being White Mountain Treasures; more meaningful to use because Tyler and Caroline were involved with the Cub Scout float, those two are treasures, indeed.

I was involved with a White Mountain Chorale performance, an event we do every Fall Festival Weekend. Show tunes, spirituals, folk music . . .a wide range of music that is fun to sing. I've been a member of the chorale for close to 18 years. I have many memories of being there on the stage awaiting a performance. I was happy my family could be there to support me in my singing that night.

I was a late bloomer in the "solo" singing department. . .well into my 40s. I received my first solo assignment from LaPreil Rhoton, the program chairman for the Relief Society birthday dinner nearly a hundred years ago. She walked up to me and said, "I'd like you to sing this song at the birthday celebration". She was very matter of fact. I looked at the music and saw it was for a solo!! I wondered if it had escaped her attention that I didn't sing solos. Then I got to thinking. . .hmmm "This may be one of those opportunities for growth I've heard about." Armed with that possibility I told her "Sure, I'll do it!" I can not tell you the bullets I sweated as I approached the piano the night of the performance. . .whew! There was an "E" that was not easily in my range and believe me I had worked and worked for it. My accompanist's family was well aware of my struggles, since a bulk of the practices were in their home. As the music approached the challenging "e" I could see my accompanist's husband standing in the back of the room. When I nailed it, he punched his arm in the air and offered a silent "YEAH!!" Yeah, I felt the Lord had blessed me with a new level of courage, a knowledge that scarey things are "do"-ble, and a voice that from time to time is capable of singing all by itself!.