Monday, April 19, 2010

Come on you know you love it!

So, last Wednesday, while driving home, Leigh comments that it was about time for me to gas the car up, as it was getting low. . .point taken. I didn't leave the house on Thursday but Friday, I went up to the school to pick up Joslin. . .I glanced at the gauge and "Holy Cow!" it was all the way over. . . so Joslin and I stopped at the station, she went in to use the restroom and I proceeded to gas up. The machine took my card, but I could not get the pump to stay on. . .it has happened to me before. . .I would gently squeeze it on and it would immediately pop off. So, I would repeat the process, pulling the nozzle out of the tank a little. . .same thing. . .I FINALLY got 1/2 gallon in after a dozen attempts, then determined "You know what, I'm taking my business elsewhere." I went in to let the clerk know that the pump on #5 was NOT working. However, there were three people in line so I told Joslin. . ."Let's just go. . someone else will have to deal with this." It was then that I realized that the gauge was all the way over to the FULL side. :( Leigh gased it up without telling me. . . Totally cracked me up. . . . So glad there were three people in line so I didn't get to explain THAT ONE to them. . . .lol


Jill said...

haha! This made me laugh. Love you!

Team Seguritan said...

That is SOOOO funny mom! As I read I was totally seeing where it was going and was kind of bummed that you didn't go talk to the guy. Darn it :)

Donna/Mom said...

You are making me laugh! You are so funny