Saturday, February 13, 2010

Teary eyed story

Leigh shared a conversation he had with Sammy this morning.

Sam: Grandpa, when you die will I be all grown up?

Gpa: I hope you are very grown up when that happens.

Sam: Oh, good, 'cause then maybe I could say a prayer or give a talk or something.

Hmmmm. . . . .The love of a child.


Rebecca said...

He always insists that grandpa is not old, because he has picked up on the idea that people die when they are old. He sure loves you guys!

DeEdra said...

I must say Sammy is quite the kid! And so is Tommy. I got to see him at BYU this past week and he was a big help. It was good to see him!

Team Seguritan said...

Yeah, that makes me want to cry too. I agree that you guys aren't old. It's just fun to call dad, "old man." I think Sam would do a great job giving a talk.